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Our brand is built on the idea to provide you with high end golf products at a price that isn't crazy. Have an design idea or want us to add a product to our line? Reach out and we will look at adding it to our line!


Tournament Swag is something we all love, but we have seen it has fallen short due to the high cost of golf products. Whether you are a private club throwing a member event or a fundraiser/charity event, we have a full line of customizable golf products to build the swankiest swag box your players have ever seen. Your player experience is about to get elevated with our Tourney program!

How did this all start?

This started as a passion project. We saw the market getting flooded with overpriced golf apparel. These companies are charging ridiculous prices and don't even carry golf products. The search began to find a way to produce golf items at a fair price. Then came the lackluster swag provided at golf events and tournaments. This is all due to the high cost of golf apparel charged by other companies. So we said screw it, let's start a golf company that's sole focus is golf products, at an affordable price, with a specialty in curating custom swag boxes for tournaments and events. I present to you, Good Boy Golf!